Gift Cards

Click Here to Buy an eGift Card!

Need to give a gift card to a friend from far away? Know a friend who always seems to lose their gift cards? Not to worry – eGift Cards for Cafe Elemental are now available.

Follow the link above to be taken over to our friends at Square and they will take it from there. It’s quick and it’s easy so you can enjoy your cup of coffee for just a bit longer.

To Redeem

The recipient of the gift card will be notified of your kindness by email when the gift card is created. This email will contain a code that needs to be presented to the barista at checkout in the Cafe. That’s it!

Schedule a Gift

If you would like the gift card delivered on a specific date, use the same form and select “Send on a Future Date” – gift cards can be scheduled up to 3 months in advance so you’re just on time for that special day.

Please note: these gift cards will work in the CAFE ELEMENTAL ONLY. We cannot take gift cards for online purchase at this point. Thanks for your understanding. These gift cards will never expire.