About Us

Elemental Coffee Roasters is a small-batch roastery and cafe in Oklahoma City, OK. We source, sample, import, roast and deliver the finest coffees available in the world. We are a community-driven company dedicated to producing the finest coffee while providing our customers with the best service imaginable. Elemental seeks to generate a passion for coffee in both individuals and companies as they partake in ongoing sourcing projects.


Coffee is an agricultural product. Much like a fruit or a vegetable, its flavor and appeal will change from season to season and even from batch to batch. As our goal is to deliver coffee in its purest form, as it is intended to taste, we will never try to enhance or alter its natural existence. We want its flavor to forward the intensive work involved from picking to processing, and we will never try to make two different lots taste exactly the same.

It is this very aspect – our commitment to embracing individuality and capturing characteristics at their most raw, unprocessed and genuine core – that defines who we are as a company and as a roastery. We strive to deliver each coffee as it wants to be delivered.

Is that so wrong?