Hario Drip Scale


Hario’s drip scale offers quick weight reading and a built-in timer for pour-over and espresso enthusiasts.

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Hario’s V60 drip scale has become one of our favorite brewing tools. Its weighing platform accommodates most popular brewers and servers, as well as portafilters for measuring espresso doses. A built-in timer is helpful for tracking brew time and its low-resolution ensures maximum accuracy along the way. Pour-over brewing, immersion methods, and espresso preparation will all be improved by adding Hario’s scale to your arsenal.


  • Low resolution:
    • 2-200g: 0.1g
    • 200-500g: 0.5g
    • 500-2000g: 1.0g
  • High capacity: 2000g
  • Large platform: ~4.75″W x ~5.5″D
  • Built-in timer
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Auto-off after 5 minutes (100 minutes when using timer)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


  1. Elemental

    Hello and thank you for your question: Purpose of a scale. A $20 scale may work just fine for you, especially if it measures small increments in measurements. That is the key. You may use ounces or most common grams. The purpose is to control how you brew your coffee and when you experiment with different volumes or increments, what those incremental amounts measured. We use a scale to measure 1) the amount of ground coffee, 2) the amount of water and for some other additives such as milk for example. So if you use 31 grams of coffee and 347 grams of water in a clever dripper then you can see if you like this result. Now if you want to experiment you have a basis to start. For a french press you may want to start with a different combination say 1.9 grams of medium ground coffee to each 28 grams of water. This scale from Hario allows you to measure with the carafe….and adds a key difference A TIMER… of course you can use your iphone timer as well. Here’s a nice video on using the scale from Elemental http://elementalcoffee.com/hario-v-60/ , http://elementalcoffee.com/pourover/ or another one here http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com/the_hario-drip-scale/. Let us know if this helps!

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