Kalita Wave Brewtorial

You’ll need the following: 

  • Kalita Wave 185 brewer
  • Kalita Wave 185 paper filters
  • A scale that measures in grams
  • A pouring kettle
  • A timer
  • Coffee, ground on a burr grinder to coarse table salt consistency
  • Filtered water (Crystal Geyser is a great option for bottled water) 

Make sure that you’re using good, filtered water, not reverse osmosis or distilled. (Coffee is 98% water so if your water isn’t good your coffee won’t be either!).

  1. Heat your water to 206F, meanwhile, weigh out 23g of coffee, grind it if necessary & set aside.
  2. Put your filter in your Kalita & place your Kalita brewer & vessel on the scale.
  3. When your water is heated, rinse your filter & dump the water (Or reserve it to water your plants (:)
  4. Place your ground coffee into the Kalita brewer & tare your scale to zero.
  5. Start your timer & begin your first pour, pouring quickly (You should be finished within 10 seconds), stop when you reach 40g. (This is called the bloom!)
  6. Stir the coffee with a small spoon, three stirs to the left & three to the right.
  7. At 40 seconds begin your next pour. Pour slowly, only in the center of the brewer, in small, concentric circles. you should reach 120g by 1:00
  8. Continue pouring slowly, reaching 200g by 1:20, 280g by 1:40 & 350g by 2:00
  9. Now you’re finished pouring! At 2:15, give the brewer a light swirl to help settle the grounds.
  10. Your coffee should finish draining by 3:30 TOPS, optimally by 3:00 .  


Q: My coffee took longer than 3:30, what’s up?
A: If your pour followed schedule, your grind is too fine, coarsen it!

Q: My coffee tastes bitter what’s up with that?!
A: Bitter equals over-extracted, coarsen your grind a notch or two!

Q: My coffee is SOUR? What the…?!!
A: Sour = under-extracted, fine up your grind a notch or two!

Still having issues? Email marcus@elementalcoffeeroasters.com!