Weekend Brunch

From open until 2 on Saturday and Sunday, we serve our full brunch menu next to our pastries, coffee and full deli case. There’s something for everyone!


served with breakfast potatoes, seasonal fruit or a choice from our deli

Rapper’s Delight: bacon, fried eggs, potatoes, spinach, ranch, grilled jalapeños and cheddar wrapped up in a wheat tortilla $9.00

Sweet Jesus: thyme roasted cauliflower, sweet potato mash, tomato, gruyere and a fried runny egg on Big Sky German rye $9.00

Biz-Kits & Gravy: house-made, vegan biscuits topped with fried eggs & crispy bacon or scrambled tofu with veggie sausage with tamari garlic gravy $9.50

BEAST: bacon or smoky tempeh, fried egg, avocado, spinach, tomato and paprika aioli on grilled Big Sky white bread $8.00

Cheech-A-Rizo Tacos: tofu & soyrizo, spinach, jalapeños, daiya vegan mozzarella, chili sour “cream”, valentina aioli, garnished with cilantro served in corn tortillas $9.50

French Toast: ask about our daily offerings $8.00


Smoked Salmon: hard-boiled egg, black pepper cream cheese, shaved fennel, capers, dill, lemon and pickled mustard seeds on Farrell Family sourdough $8.50

PB&J: house-made pecan butter and local jam on Esca Vitae multi-grain $5.00

Avocado Toast: radish, toasted sesame seeds, cilantro, lemon, alder wood smoked salt on Esca Vitae multi-grain toast $6.00

Cheesy-Egg: soft-scrambled egg with gruyere, grilled ham and toasted parmesan on Farrell Family sourdough $7.00